Barry Kaye, Entrepreneur And Financial Leader

Barry Kaye is one of America's most successful insurance professionals. Over the last five decades, he has made his mark as a successful leader, author and motivator who is best known for his innovative approach to creating and preserving wealth.

Barry Kaye's Beginnings

Barry Kaye became one of the top disc jockeys in Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Hollywood.  He was one of the first 5 talk radio commentators back in 1948 when the industry started. As a disc jockey, Mr. Kaye was responsible for the original playing of new records that created stardom for Al Martino and the Del-Vikings.

Barry Kaye's Contributions To The Insurance Industry

Barry Kaye joined New England Life in 1962, where he broke all life insurance industry sales records during his initial year as an agent. By 1968, he had established Barry Kaye Associates, where his creativity flourished. He established himself as an innovator in the insurance industry with his use of last-to-die life insurance policies and his unusual use of life insurance as part of a strategy for preserving wealth.

Barry Kaye As An Author

Popular demand for more information on his unique approach to estate planning led to Barry Kaye's next venture. His first book, How to Save a Fortune on Your Life Insurance, quickly became a best seller. Since then, Barry Kaye has published several books on life insurance, including The Investment Alternative, which presents life insurance as an asset rather than an expense. He frequentlyspoke to interested wealthy individuals in seminars across the country to expand on his theories.

Barry Kaye Gives Back

Barry Kaye's years as a successful executive, author and public speaker have contributed to an enviable lifestyle and loving family. In an effort to give back, he has become a serious philanthropist, donating millions of dollars to charities and universities. He treasures awards such as his 2006 Recognition of Goodness Award from the Jewish Foundation for the Righteous and his 2009 Pinnacle of Achievement Award from the Guardian Angels. Today Barry Kaye enjoys his retirement while continuing to support a variety of charitable foundations.

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